Rain Man

Rain Man


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: impressionistabstractrealismsurrealismpopportraitmalefaceallaprima

Media: oilpaint

Size: 16"W x 16"H x 2"D

Ready to Hang

Curator's Note: The artist uses an "alla prima" technique (or wet-on-wet technique), which requires a fast-paced method. This mirrors the frenetic style of the portrait, asking the viewer to think about the multi-faceted personality of an individual. In an alla prima manner, the artists attacks an abstract impressionistic oil portrait. With no particular person in mind, just the male facial structure, it leaves the artist's window of creativity open. Giving the audience the ability to compare the painting to a real individual. Leaving some of the underpainting visible it shows some of the process the artist takes to complete the freestyle portrait. 

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